Ayrborne Aviators promote and encourage safe, responsible, and affordable aviation through continuous learning in an open, accessible fellowship.


Although the majority of members have their own plane, there are a still a few that don't. If you want to experience the thrill of flight come down and meet us. And when you get hooked - this is the place to start taking lessons too!

Although independent from Ayrborne Aviators, The C-FVOF Flying Club shares the same airfield and clubhouse!

Welcome to our Club!

Ayrborne Aviators are a group of friends who love to fly! We also like to build, repair, modify, upgrade, improve, and generally tinker with all things aviation related. And of course - on the days we can't fly - there is lots of "Hangar Flying" (i.e. opinionated discussions!) to take part in too!

Whatever your interest, you will find a great group of diverse, easy-going people from all walks of life who participate in aviation. The Ayrborne Aviators Club is a place where families and friends feel welcome and included - even if they don't like flying!


Join us any Saturday morning around 8:00am in the clubhouse for bacon and eggs and meet the other members! Feel free to join the lively discussions and ask your questions